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Family law involves some of the most sensitive matters that a person can face and we understand how emotional those matters can become.  We work with our clients to help them to understand the legal aspects of their cases while remaining sensitive to the understandable emotional response that such matters may cause.  Many clients feel alone when facing family law matters.  Our job is to provide a service that allows them to understand that they don’t have to be alone in their legal process.

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Our firm practices in the following areas of family law:  Child Custody, Divorce, Estate Planning, Paternity, Probate and Support (Alimony and Child Support).  Each specific area of practice involves family matters that are typically best handled with the aid of an attorney.  Because there are so many different facets involved in each area of practice, our firm works with our clients to assist them with all of their legal needs as they may arise.

We understand that some family matters can be planned well in advance, but some arise without warning.  Regardless of how the issue might come to be, we will address your matter competently and efficiently to help alleviate some of the stress or pressure associated with the matter at hand.  We are confident that we can provide a service to assist you with your family legal needs, regardless of their complexity or your status in life.  Our clients list ranges from the average individual to celebrities and professional athletes.  We have experience with various family matters ranging from complex dissolutions of marriage to simple calculations of child support.

With our broad experience with family legal matters and our understanding of the related laws, we are certain that we can properly address your family legal needs while remaining sensitive to the impact that these matters may have on your life.  When dealing with emotionally charged issues that are possibly.

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